With the collaborative strength of over 60 years in law enforcement, 50 years of criminal investigation and 30 years of polygraph, the firm of Myres & Ruffino Polygraph Inc. possesses a portfolio few can match. With a wealth of experience in Local, State, Federal as well as the intelligence community, Myres & Ruffino stand ready to assist in any assessment need requested by you or your agency.

With years of experience and a law degree, Neil S. Myres founded Forensic Polygraph Services, Inc. in 2006. Mr. Myres is widely known and highly respected within the legal field and law enforcement community alike. With over 26 years' experience in law enforcement and as a Police Investigative/Crime Lab and Polygraph Unit Supervisor, Neil was utilized heavily in the Southeast Michigan region by both prosecutors and defense attorneys alike. After transitioning from the law enforcement field into the private field as principal of F.P.S.I, Mr. Myres has continued to provide solid and professional credibility assessment for those with such a need. The combination of his 30 years of experience along with his proven interviewing and polygraph skills has established Mr. Myres as one of the premier sources for therapists treating clients with sexual addiction.
After 33 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several years thereafter with the Central Intelligence Agency, Samuel J. Ruffino, Jr. provides a background and expertise that stands on its own merits second to none. Retiring as the Supervisory Special Agent and Regional Polygraph Program Manager for the Midwest Region, Mr. Ruffino's experience and skill set has proven to provide unparalleled value to those who require issue and credibility assessment. After transitioning from the governmental sector, Mr. Ruffino has continued his specialties in a private capacity as principal of Samuel J. Ruffino, Jr. Inc. Currently, Mr. Ruffino dedicates much of his assessment skills under contract for both State and Federal Agencies assessing post convicted sex offenders.

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